At the GR Bar Ranch, guests can enjoy rowboating and paddleboating on several of our small private lakes while fishing, reading, or simply enjoying the moment. The lakes listed below offer boating activities in addition to fishing.


Spring Lake. Located down the road from the Lodge, Spring Lake offers breathtaking views that stretch from the Ragged Mountains to the Palisades and beyond to the vistas in Utah. The lake itself is as spectacular as its views, and guests will enjoy it all while floating upon the paddleboat or rowboat.


Rainbow Lake. Guests can enjoy watching the dragonflies zoom through the cattails while floating around in the paddleboat.


Beaver Pond. Nestled a short walk from Kokapelli Cabin; Beaver Pond rests below a hill surrounded by bright yellow flowers and a grove of aspen trees that change into the most brilliant shade of red during the fall season. Guests can enjoy it all while floating upon the row boat.


Ute Lake. Located just down the hill from Many Penny Cabin, you can see views of the Elk Mountain range while floating atop the calm water in the rowboat. Be sure to keep your eyes open so that you can spot the moose that roam around these parts!


Eagle Lake. Located along the Elk Run horse trail, this lake is a perfect rest area for picnics or a peaceful afternoon of fishing from the rowboat. Set apart from it all, you can find serenity in a rowboat while you gaze up at the blue skies and listen to the aspen leaves rustle in the breeze.


Horseshoe Lake. Situated against the aspens, this lake is a short walk from Red Springs Cabin and offers beautiful views of aspens and an open meadow from the rowboat.


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