Hook, line, and sinker! Cast a line at one of our eight private small lakes and enjoy the scenery while you try to catch the one that got away. Each lake is stocked with a variety of trout of all sizes – and with some of the fish weighing up to 6 pounds, your odds of catching “the big one” are very good!


Additionally, a fishing license is not required at the GR Bar Ranch and we do not charge our guests for any fish caught at our lakes. Our unique lake features are described below.


Spring Lake. Located down the road from the Lodge, Spring Lake offers breathtaking panoramic views that stretch from Ragged Mountain, the West Elk Mountains, the sprawing North Fork Valley to Uncompahgre Range. The lake itself is as spectacular as its views, boasting an array of trout, a dock that is perfect for fishing, and a paddleboat and rowboat that will help you find serenity while you float upon the calm water.


Rainbow Lake. This lake rests in front of the Lodge and is surrounded by cattails and offers Rainbow Trout that can be caught from the dock or paddleboat.


Native Lake. Located in front of Arrowhead Cabin, you will enjoy the clear views of the Town of Paonia, Mount Lamborn, and the horses that often grace the lake with their presence. Like many of the other lakes, Native is stocked with trout.


Beaver Pond. Nestled a short walk from Kokapelli Cabin; Beaver Pond rests below a hill and it is surrounded by bright sunflowers and a grove of aspen trees that change into the most brilliant shade of red during the fall season. It is stocked with trout and includes a row boat and dock as well.


Ute Lake. Located just down the hill from Many Penny Cabin, you can see views of the West Elk Mountains from the dock while you fish for trout or float atop the calm water. Be sure to keep your eyes open so that you can spot the moose that roam around these parts!


Eagle Lake. Located along the Elk Run horse trail, this lake is a perfect rest area for picnics or a peaceful afternoon of fishing for trout. Set apart from it all, you can find serenity in a rowboat while you gaze up at the blue skies and listen to the aspen leaves rustle in the breeze.


Horseshoe Lake. Situated against the aspens, this lake is a short walk from Red Springs Cabin and offers beautiful views of aspens and an open meadow. You can fish for trout from the dock or a rowboat.


Broken Rope Lake. Surrounded by dense aspen trees at the base of a hill and secluded from the cabins, this lake is one of the most private locations on the property, perfect for moments of silence or a nap beneath the trees.

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