Challenge the hills! The GR Bar Ranch has miles of private jeep trails and roads that are perfect for guests who want to bike through varying terrain and altitudes.


Terrain. Guests can power up steep climbs before taking a break on level ground that stretches alongside a flowing canal, and then head downhill before confronting another climb. With so many private roads available at every turn, you have unlimited options.


If you are feeling really adventurous and want to venture beyond our boarders, you are welcome to hike into the Grand Mesa National Forest and/or the Gunnison National Forest, both of which border the GR Bar Ranch.  


Altitude. The GR Bar Ranch offers a multitude of views from the top, and as such, our altitudes range begin at roughly 7,200 ft and climb steadily to 9,800 ft before reaching the Grand Mesa National Forest, which climbs to roughly 11,000 ft.  Bikers should hydrate at all times and rest whenever necessary to avoid the adverse side effects of high altitude.

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