We are not alone. Look everywhere – up, down, and right in front of you and you’ll spot something new. The GR Bar Ranch is home to some pretty amazing wildlife, including elk, deer, black bear, moose, birds, frogs, dragonflies, and more! Read more about the wildlife that you might encounter while you are hiking or riding around the ranch.


Wildlife. Keep your eyes open and you’ll be amazed by what you see! While you are immersed in nature at the GR Bar Ranch, you just might spot deer, elk, cows, moose, black bear, coyotes, and frogs. If you happen to see a black bear, coyote, or moose, consider yourself lucky since they generally avoid human interaction at all costs.


*Note: your odds of seeing wildlife are greatly increased if you venture out on a quiet hike or horseback ride.


Wildflowers. Whether you are in the middle of a meadow, near a stream, or immersed in the aspens, you’ll be surrounded by over 60 varieties of wildflowers. The glacier lily blooms among the last remnants of spring snow through midsummer when the Columbine (Colorado state flower) blossoms; and lavender and fleabane grace the frosted meadows in the fall until the first snow.


Bright yellow aspen, sunflowers and primroses splash across the mountain views; and pretty blue and purple flowers like the silvery lupine, bluebells, larkspur, purple-leaved daisies, and Columbines will catch your eye. It will also be hard to miss the red indian paintbrushes and white mariposa lilies and daisies.


Bird Watching. Look up – there’s a hawk soaring above! Many birds can be seen with the naked eye but can be better viewed with binoculars. Some of the birds you will see include humming birds, hawks, eagles, robins, blue birds, woodpeckers, grouse and wild turkeys.

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